Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the death of god

    After God was banished, the void grew upon us. Creeping slowly and chewing on the corners of our un-perceiving minds. Still we held on. We fashioned new idols, from the fires of industry; conquering the raging wild, banishing the preying demons.We stepped into a new reality. One constructed entirely on finite skeltons of matter.
We learned cruelty, and died for systems and for ideas.

When I was a boy I saw a satellite. A small glimmer in the void.

"Look dad! there it is!"
...and there it was. But only for a moment, and then, it too was gone. 

Still we aspire, to the horizon, the infinite, always grasping for the vanishing point.
Clinging tightly to the shadows of myths, and building new ones in their stead. 

-Absolute certainty through absurdity brings absolute and certain absurdity-

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