Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The universe is becoming aware of itself through animals with consciousness. It resembles, in my mind, an expansion occurring near the fundamental space-time geometry, away from non-awareness, or perhaps in congruence with the same sets of physical laws as non-awareness, however, its manifestations of its constituent parts are radically different, than say, the core of the sun, or the color red of a chevy pick-up truck. That is to say, everything else in the universe, although seemingly different in both size, shape and chemical make-up, is on the same par, on the same field if you will, so that it may be said there is one universe and that all is within it. This leads me to believe that perhaps too there is just one field of consciousness, and although individual creates take part in this field differently, by creating individual egos and the like, at the most basic level, behind the venere of exterior representations, we are all one within the overarching "field" of this one consciousness. Now you may say both the physically non-aware and the physically aware are indeed within the same field/realm of existence, but lately I've been seriously considering otherwise. Anyways. . .
All these people are little vehicles transporting this awareness. An emergent phenomenon- awareness in this mind knows that it is aware! What does that mean? What can I say about it?!?! Is this really happening?.... In any case, I can only describe this experience (to myself, of course) as an utterly inexplicable realization of existence. Now, to the real question of where existence came from itself perhaps I shall never know. I can't explain how lucky I feel that I get to be alive, fully-aware, I got a turn, out of all the non-aware physical matter that I once was, the unfolding of the universe just so made it coalesce in such a way as to temporarily create myself as a concept to which I am happy to be able to play with as long as it lasts before this momentary conglomeration of neurons sustaining this awareness dispurses back into what it once was.

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