Monday, February 7, 2011

Eaten Alive

every day we are slowly being eaten. Bit by bit this system in which we live is eating us and shaping us into people we are not. it is a slow and torturous form of utter humiliation that degrades the very fabrics of our beings. We are given simple instinctual pleasures to compensate and keep us on our feet. Bread and circuses. and like the beasts we are we cannot see. 
slowly over time we are worn down. beautiful stalks of corn, ground into flour. then baked into bread and eaten by the farmers. 
who are these farmers of which I speak? surely they must have escaped to gain such a  convenient position? No. they are just like the rest, only their job is different. they carve up this little planet and all its creatures. and by eating us, they eat themselves as well.

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